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Collection comprises three notebooks containing George Brier's recollections of time spent in New Zealand between May 1864 and September 1866, and his "68th Regiment of Light Infantry Account book"
- 6/1: "My Travels to New Zealand as a Soldier"
- 6/2: "My Travels in New Zealand"
- 6/3: "My Travels in New Zealand & Home Again"
- 6/4: "68th Regiment of Light Infantry Account book"

George Brier was born in 1846 at Southowram, West Yorkshire, England. On 23 May 1864, he enlisted in the 68th Durham Light Infantry. He left England as part of a reinforcement draft to New Zealand the following year, and returned with the regiment in 1866. Soon after his return, he took his discharge and returned to his former occupation of stonemason. He died in 1881, aged 35 years. His son, Ernest Brier, later emigrated to New Zealand, where he engaged in farming pursuits until his death in 1960, aged 85 years.
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Papers of George Brier
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