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Please note: This article was originally part of Tauranga City Library's 'Tauranga Memories' website (2011-2020). To your right the 'Archived Kete Link', if present, will take you to a snapshot of the original record. Tauranga Memories was made of several focus areas, called 'baskets'. This article was part of the Tauranga Regional Multicultural Council Inc basket. It was first licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 New Zealand License at Initially created 4/07/2011, it underwent 20 edit, the last edit being 15/08/2011. Editors included: in this case only the original author. The original article may have included links, images etc that are not present here.
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Who will be interested in my story? And my Memories? My small Italian family of 3 have travelled and lived in many countries before arriving, very recently, in New Zealand. As modern day immigrants, we don’t carry a Suitcase or trunk but we ship a full 40 foot container loaded with a surplus of everything, such as household effects and lots of mementos and artefacts from the different countries we have lived in.

We left Italy 28 years ago. The adventures started in Sri Lanka, then Scotland, Cyprus and finally Tauranga. In the old days people would leave their Mother Land for different reasons, more often out of necessity and always with hope and aspirations of a better life. My mother and I happen to be married to men who want change and new challenges!! Thanks to my Father, in 1979 we ended up in Sri Lanka, where I met my Scottish husband. I got married and moved to Scotland!

After a few years the “travel bug” bit again and we moved to sunny Cyprus. This time, my parents followed us.8 years went by and my Better Half fell in Love with New Zealand, so, guess what?, I joined him here, in Tauranga, and after 3 years, my parents followed!!

My hope is now that we have finally “arrived”, and can contemplate a happy Future in our New Country!

These migrant stories were collected by Tauranga Regional Multicultural Council

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