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Other Minute Books held by the Tauranga City Council
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These Minute Books represent the Committees that were administered by the Tauranga City Council at the time.

* Harbour Bridge Committee 1972 - 1989
* Tauranga Milk Committee 1957 - 1963
* Tauranga Milk Authority Committee 1963 - 1968
* Tauranga District Museum Management Committee 1972 - 1986
* Tauranga and Mount Joint Social Welfare Committee 1975 - 1980
* Tauranga Aerodrome Management Committee 1961 - 1983
* Tauranga Airport Authority 1984 - 1996
* Tauranga Borough/ Tauranga City Council Energy Committee 1967 - 1980's

The Minute Books for the Papamoa Pool and Papamoa Recreation Reserve Committee's came into the custody of the Tauranga District Council at the time of the Local Body Amalgamations in November 1989.

Papamoa Pool Committee 1979 - 1989
* Papamoa Recreation Reserve Committee 1926 - 1930

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