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Minute book detailing meetings from 28 October 1937 through to 2 March 1944.

Some newspaper clippings glued in throughout the minutes, of articles reporting on birthday celebrations of the Pukehina Women's Institutes.

Handwritten sticker on the front of the minute book notes that "Pukehina WI form in 1933. V.O. Jones. Tauranga Federation. 2-3-44."

Three loose items inside the minute book:

- two loose leaf hand-written pages by Mrs Wagner about the formation of the Pukehina CWI.
Mrs Wagner writes on the attached two pages, that when she moved to Pukehina from Ōpōtiki CWI, attending Te Puke CWI was difficult as she had to catch a train. She met with Mrs Jones, a V.O. of Tauranga, to establish Pukehina CWI, and then wrote to women in the district to invite them. She was President until she left in 1937.

- three double-sided hand-written pages of a report sent to the "Times' about the AGM, dated 23 April 1942.

- thank you card, manufactured by Rust Craft, Felicity. Handwritten inside "To M. W. W. R from Sam O'Brien".
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Minutes of Pukehina Country Women's Institute, 1937-1944
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