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Notebook number six of eight.
Front cover handwritten:
- No 6. Reminiscence
- To Elsie, from Cousin Sally Staunton (nee Smith)
Page one headed: Reminiscence continued, 1883.

Final page notes, and dated 23 September 1891:
"I am of opinion The Reminiscences I have note of my life from 1847 to 1891 if properly compiled and arranged should make a good sized book. it is a strange life as I ** writing this beautiful morning in September incidents that occurred 44 years ago. Come as vividly to my mind as if they took place last month. I thank my God for all his mercies bestowed upon me, when I recollect the time in China in 1850 and 1851 when my Comrades were dying by the scores around me and only 62 left out of the Regiment 630 strong, that left the city of Cork 8th June 1849. I should thank the Great Allmightly God for all his mercies."
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