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Kathleen Gillanders came into Tauranga City Library during the 'Threads of Memory' project and talked about her father, William, who served in Palestine. Filming: Daniel Petersen.

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Te Kuiti man William Duncan Gillanders was born in 1894. He served in Palestine, signing up after his brother was killed at Gallipoli. William died in 1958 at the age of 64 (reg. 1958/25975).

William Duncan Gillanders (1894-1958)

Letter transcripts of William Duncan Gillanders (a work in progress)
1916 (between April 3 & August 10) While at Featherston
c1916 (undated). While on troop transport around Australia
c1916 (undated). After a short while in Egypt
1916 October 11. Early days in Egypt.

1916 October 16. From Arabia after transferring to the NZMtd Brigade as a driver
1916 November 8. Describing melon hunting in the desert.
1916 November 11. Letter to Nan, admiring the Turks.
1917 January 13 and 14. Describes scrap with German machine gunners.
1917 March 31. Writes after days of fighting.
1917 April 12. Writes from Palestine near Gaza.
1917 July 24. Just prior to leave. Describes discovery of St George's tomb.
1917 September 30. Back from leave.

post Sept 1917. Partial letter describing fight with Turks

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Births, Deaths and Marriages Online (New Zealand).
Cenotaph Database (Auckland War Memorial Museum).
Military Personnel File.
Service Number: 16294

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Further notes: Service Number: 16294
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