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Our story | Pae Korokī

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Nau mai tautī mai ki te pae tukutuku a
Tauranga archives online.

"Ka korokī ngā manu,
ka tākiri ko te ata."

"The dawn chorus of
the birds signals
a new day"


"Te Ao Mārama Tauranga City Libraries archives are taonga materials collected, preserved,
and shared with the people of Tauranga Moana, Aotearoa and the world, through Pae
Korokī Tauranga archives online.


Pae Korokī serves as a tomokanga, a gateway welcoming you to explore historic images,
maps, publications, audio, video, and research articles. Through this continuously
expanding collection you will discover the diverse and unique stories of Tauranga Moana.


The name Pae Korokī was gifted by kaumātua, Huikakahu Kawe (Ngāi te Ahi). Inspired by a
whakataukī about the power of birdsong greeting the first light of dawn, the promise of a
new day and a new beginning, the name is a metaphor for enlightenment and knowledge.


Pae Korokī provides a pathway to our shared history and the narratives of our tīpuna.
History provides us a legacy that when valued, serves to weave our society closer together,
offering a sense of identity for ourselves and our community, a connection of people to
place and people to story.


View of Mount Manganui from Mauao    07 577 7177    Tauranga City Libraries, 21 Devonport Road, Private Bag 12022, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand